Our activities

Since 2012 we support various projects for rural development in small Liberian communities. Focus of our work are in particular health, education, and arts and culture. This is an overview with some information about our activities.

Drinking Water

In the last 10 year, we have initiated and helped to finance the construction of wells with handpumps for improved access to drinking water in 8 villages. With the support of the German embassy in Monrovia, stand pipes will be constructed in 3 more villages that currently only have access to river water for the people's supply of fresh water. 

Improving access to clean water significantly improves local health and reduces child mortality and the infection with water-borne diseases from the use of contaminated water from local rivers.  

Health Care

Basic medical care is very limited in rural areas of Liberia. To support local communities in improving overall health, the medical centre (THC) in Konjorlloe provides basic services, such as for patient with various common diseases who cannot be seen in a hospital. Most patients come from the communities of Konjolloe, Korluma, Nyama, Mendapina, Kpangamia, Yegbedy, Porlorwu, Lankpangba and Kpokulahum.  The medical centre was built with financial support from Germany and our foundation continues to provide the financial support necessary to purchase and distribute necessary drugs and medical services.  


Chief Blacksmith Tamba Gboyoe of Sakparwa village, Rankollie Clan, 3 hours walking distance from Konjorlloe, has led 13 towns and villages to build two standard bridges that will connect more than 15.000 inhabitants, mainly cash crop and rice farmers, in some of the hard to reach communities. Liberia Freunde has supported the  construction of these bridges.


The construction of Konjorlloe's school was one of the first activities of the founders of Liberia-Freunde and has ever since received support from our foundation. The school offers now over 150 students a basic education. The students come from many villages around Konjorlloe, including the towns of Kortuma, Nyamoi and Shanindada.

In the past 12 years, Liberia Freunde has financed the salaries of the school's 6 teachers as well as the supplyof educational materials and books. The construction of an additional school kitchen allows the children to eat a regular warm lunch during their school attendance. 

Ebola prevention

During the 2014 spread of the Ebola virus, Liberia, and especially the north-eastern region bordering Sierra Leone and Guinea, was at the epicenter of the breakout.

To help prevent a spread of the disease, Liberia Freunde employed and paid a health consultant who provided simple but effective measures to increase hygiene and sanitation. He provided his services to Konjorlloe and neighboring communities and helped to achieve the incredible result of 0 infections in these communities.

David Kuyon Forum Gbarnga

The "David Kuyon Forum of Human Rights and Culture" offers a central gathering place in the city of Gbarnga. The center hosts various cultural activities, such as music, arts, and traditional storytelling. The "Peter-Ballah-Award", awarded during a story telling competition, aims to revive and share Liberia's vibrant history and treasure of tradtional stories. The forum is an open centre for events and workshops related to arts, culture and human-rights.

Money under the Tree - Micro-loans

Liberia Freunde has provided micro-loans in in six communities to enable initial investments to kick-start entrepreneurial endeavors, such as "Konjorlloe Country Cloths" (KCC), a women-led social business for the production of high quality fabrics mostly from locally produced cotton. Additionally, the foundation has financed a business consultant who helps with the development of business developed and run by women.   

Other activities

Sit, Think and Work Together in Unity for Future

In March 2019 the liberian artist Manfred Zbrzezny created a sculpture to symbolize the long lasting cooperation and friendship of activists from Liberia, Village People Empowerment, and Liberia-Freunde e.V. and the significant achievements since the beginnings of this friendship in 2004. The sculpture is located in front of the "Poluno House" in Konjorlloe.


Arts and Culture

Our foundation aims to strengthen and support the vibrant cultural traditions in Liberia and the variety of artists, musicians, and storytellers. Through various projects, we hope to offer a platform fpr exhibitions and many different cultural activities. We also bring Liberia's art to Germany, organizing regular exhibitions by artists, like the Liberian painter Fato Wheremongar.