David Kuyon Forum On Human Rights and Culture in Gbarnga

Documentary about the Kuyon Forum, its opening ceremony and Liberian cultural activities at the forum like dancing, traditional story telling and arts.

What We DO

The forum is for people from the different regions of Liberia, especially from the rural areas. It will help to counteract the structural imbalance of living conditions between rural and urban areas. Women, men, young and old people will be involved.


Sustainable development includes not only economic development and progress in a country, but also consists of the people’s confidence in the law and human rights as well as their own culture. Frequently, the economic development has priority, while the cultural aspects draw out of the focus. 


As aid money is mostly concentrated on the development in Liberia's capital and the urban areas of the country, the rural parts, the so called Hinterland, loose their potential to be a valuable living environment and is excluded from the developments and achievements seen in urban hubs. In addition to the economic progress and the influx of the population into Liberia’s capital, the project of the “David Kuyon Forum of Human Rights and Culture” represents an asset to the town Gbarnga which is located centrally in the rural hinterland.


An important aspect of the program is the national and international exchange and continuing education in terms of cultural values and human rights. Other associations and societies are included in the program with their own events concerning these topics as well.     Th Forum is meant as a place of discussion and the actual realization of human rights and offering a platform for Liberian art and culture. The conservation of traditional arts are also an important aspect of the work. 


The forum offers a space for six larger annual events or exhibitions.


Furthermore, the center can be used by other people from outside, who have project ideas that fit in with the program of the David Kuyon Forum. The forum has the option to arrange activities with extern people who will be charged a fee.


The program aims at covering the two parts of the concept of the “David Kuyon Forum”: The human rights issue on the one hand and all kinds of cultural activities on the other hand.  

With theoretical or practical workshops which can take place during one or several days, conferences, lectures, trainings or even exhibitions for several weeks, the Forum offers a place for a creative and diverse program.

The presented arts, lectures, dances, music concerts and theater plays could encourage a regional, national and international exchange. Also events concerning democracy, freedom of press and religion, human dignity, equality of humans, education, environmental conservation etc. will not be limited to a national range.


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David Kuyon Forum of Human Rights and Culture


Bong County

Armstrong Bee, Director of the Kuyon-Forum

Email: armbeeat@gmail.com

Telephone: +231 886 451 895


Our History

In 2010, David Kuyon’s successors from Gbarnga decided to hand over building sites to the development aid organization Village People Empowerment (ViPeE, a Liberian NGO from Paynesville). Their aim was to use the land in Gbarnga in honor of the well-known citizen David Kuyon in order to build a hall which could be used as a “Forum of Human Rights and Culture”. The Institution was set up in the neighborhood of the “Women Center of Bong County”.


The opening ceremony of the Forum took place in April 2012 with a program of six events and 14 activities overall that included the opening celebration, female traditional storytellers, monthly storytelling events in the German-Liberian context, a painting workshop, art exhibition, and activities around the promotion of human rights.