About us

Liberia-Freunde e.V. is a non profit organisation based in Wiesbaden, Germany. Our aim is to support Liberians in their quest to live in peaceful and thriving communities, especially in rural areas.  The three key areas in which we seek to support Liberians to make a positive impact are health, education and culture. We have a variety of smaller and larger projects across the three areas that include among many:

  • the provision of improved drinking water sources through the construction of stand pipes
  • financing a local medical expert who is able to assist in even the most remote villages
  • the construction and maintenance of a school, financing the teachers' salaries and school equipment and thus ensuring education for children in Konjorlloe and surrounding communities up to 9th grade
  • micro-financing small business and empowering especially women in their entrepreneurial endeavors by offering training and micro-loans
  • organizing and supporting cultural projects and events, such as traditional story telling, art, and music